Ways of Seeing

John Berger


Europe supported by Africa and America by William Blake, 1757-1827 Pity by William Blake, 1757-1827
Mildew Blighting Ears of Corn by William Blake, 1757-1827
Mademoiselle de Clermont by Jean Marc Nattier, 1685-1766, Wallace Collection, London Sale of Pictures and Slaves in the Rotunda, New Orleans, 1842
Princess Rakoscki by Nicolas de Largillierre, 1656-1746, National Gallery, London Charles, Third Duke of Richmond by Johann Zoffany, 1734/5-1810, private collection
Two Negroes by Rembrandt van Ryn, 1606-69, The Hague, Mauritshuis
Sarah Burge, 1883. Dr Barnardo's Homes by unknown photographer Peasant Boy Leaning on Sill by Bartolome Murillo, 1617-82, National Gallery, London
A Family Group by Michael Nouts, 1656?, National Gallery, London Sleeping Maid and her Mistress by Nicholas Maes, 1634-93, National Gallery, London
Interior, Delft School, c. 1650-55?, National Gallery, London Man and a Woman in a Stableyard by Peter Quast, 1605/6-47, National Gallery, London
Interior with Woman Cooking by Esaias Boursse, Wallace Collection, London Tavern Scene by Jan Steen, 1626-79, Wallace Collection, London
The Frugal Meal by John Frederick Herring, 1795-1865, Tate Gallery, London A Scene at Abbotsford by Sir Edwin Landseer, 1802-73, Tate Gallery, London
White Dogs by Thomas Gainsborough, 1727-88, National Gallery, London Dignity and Impudence by Sir Edwin Landseer, 1802-73, Tate Gallery, London Miss Bowles by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1723-92, Wallace collection, London
Farm Cart by Thomas Gainsborough, 1727-88, Tate Gallery, London
The James Family by Arthur Devis, 1711 -8 7 , Tate Gallery, London
A Grey Hack with a White Greyhound and Blue Groom by George Stubbs, 1724-1806, Tate Gallery, London The Bay Horse by John Ferneley, 1782-1860, Tate Gallery, London
A Kill at Ashdown Park by James Seymour, Tate Gallery, London
Les Romains de la Decadence by Thomas Couture, 1815-79 Le Salon photograph
Madame Cahen d'Anvers by L. Bonnat The Ondine of Nidden by E. Doerstling
The Temptation of St Anthony by A. Morot Witches Sabbath by Louis Falero
Psyche's Bath by Leighton La Fortune by A. Maignan
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